After losing his fiance in a fire, Tyler is given a short window of time by an archeologist named Stanton to travel back to the moment when the fire happened on the condition of saving Stanton’s daughter who died at the same incident.

The Bijou is a time travel device that can send a person once in a lifetime to a moment of one’s most vivid memory. Since he can’t choose the exact moment to travel back, Tyler must make a choice at the risk of failing to save any of them including himself from the fire. But Stanton will hand over the Bijou only if Tyler proves himself, even before the time travel, whether he will surely save Stanton’s daughter.

Cast: Franklin Killian, Ren Harris, Robin Long, and Jacob Witkin
Producers: Lizbeth Chappell and Greta Kählitz
Associate Producer: Michael Ham
Cinematographer: Lars Lindstrom
Director: WonChan Sohn

Showtimes: August 7th at 3:51 PM in Room #116, August 8th at 5:15 PM in Room #119


(FAM-7: The overall content is great for the whole family with a child minimum age of 7)




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July 12, 2015