Respite at Christmas

Based on a true story Respite at Christmas is set in the Ardennes forest during the very cold Christmas of 1944. A widowed mother, Elisabeth Vincken and her son Fritz are spending the night in the family cabin.

The cabin gets invaded by lost German soldiers looking for respite from the bitter cold who discover Elizabeth is harboring two American soldiers and their injured comrade.

Elizabeth invites them in under one condition, they leave their guns outside. Throughout the night the American and German soldiers befriend each other, despite the fact that up to this point they intensely hated each other and that they will eventually have to return to the war.

The next morning the soldiers say their goodbyes and go their separate ways.

Showtime: August 7th at 2:53 PM in Room #119


(FAM-14: Great for the family with older children particularly in their teens. Some maturity is required to watch this content and may contain heavier themes and visuals)


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July 12, 2015