The Pan Pacific Film Festival was launched in 2009 by Global Media & Information Technology (GMIT) a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to using media for good. The festival is a non-profit film festival dedicated to celebrating films that are inspirational and entertaining. Held in the Los Angeles, CA, the festival has roots in the Asian background of its founders and the city known as the melting pot where ideas from the East and West intersect. Filmmakers all around the world are eligible to submit their films. After an extensive review of these films, the best are nominated, screened and awarded at the festival. But the work of Pan Pacific continues after the festival- as these films then circulate the globe, touching people around the world with message of hope and inspiration.

Pan Pacific’s vision is to encourage, educate, empower, and expose people to positive ideas.


The Pan Pacific Film Festival provides support, resources, and networking opportunities to help encourage those gifted in media.


The Pan Pacific Film Festival organizes workshops and education programs with industry professionals to help hone your skills.


The Pan Pacific Film Festival recognizes faithful filmmakers and their talent by featuring events such as the Stellae Award Ceremony and the red carpet.


The Pan Pacific Film Festival helps filmmakers get exposure by screening their projects, showcasing their causes, and providing distribution opportunities.